【SUMMER SPLASH 2019 -Part 1-】

Join us our summer school program for children 1.2 years old.


June 10th,2019- July 26th,2019


① 8:30-10:30

② 10:30-12:30

      Lunch Time

③ 13:00-15:00

④ 15:00-17:00 


Registration Fee: ¥20,000(Plus Tax)

Price: ¥3,800/ 2 hrs(Plus Tax)

Blue T-shirt Uniform (Cotton 100%) : ¥3,500(Plus Tax)

Tea Time: Free of charge 
However, we provide tea time fruit for children who only stay 8:30-12:30 and 13:00-17:00 for Summer School Students!

Morning tea Time is 10:30.
Afternoon tea Time is 15:00


Bring Lunch box from home or order School Cuisine for your child @SkyCrest.

・Lunch: 1,500 yen

1.There is no fixed limit of attendance. Come for just 1 day for 2 hrs or whole summer school days.

2.All the lessons are in English.

Please Contact or Book now from our HP, Admission Question Form

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